Part 107 Full-Service UAS Operations

From our SAG pilots and aerial coordinators, to our FAA Approved Motion Picture and Television Operations Manual, Cinematic Aerospace spares no expense to guarantee you are getting the best in the industry. So, leave the drone to us.


Leave the flying to us.


UAS for aerial cinematography is a very recent development in the history of aviation. Our National Airspace System and many of the regulations that keep our skies safe were not developed with UAS in mind. As the FAA begins to allow operation of UAS in the existing airspace, a natural place for them to begin is to adopt certain existing rules and regulations. This is precisely why the best place to start when finding a UAS operator is Part 61 certified manned aircraft pilots. These are the people who have the formal training and hands-on experience operating with the entire set of existing rules and regulations that pertain to airspace, weather, traffic avoidance, weight and balance, and emergency procedures. All of our pilots have current Part 61 certification in addition to the Part 107 Remote Pilot certification now required to operate UAS commercially.

You will not find a better team anywhere else.


Leave the cinematography to us.

Just because you can fly, doesn't mean you can be a film pilot. The relatively low prices of UAS, even for the more advanced systems, means more people are flying. But, a simple affordable way to get into flying doesn't replace the amazing precision and technique that the best film pilots have. Even for the right type of person, years of experience are needed working on productions with aircraft to fine-tune the skills and attitude necessary to take production flying seriously. The pilot is only half of the equation though. Our network of award-winning cinematographers and aerial camera operators perfectly complements any of our film pilots for your production needs.


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Specializing in all forms of aerial cinematography.


We offer a large variety of standard and customized solutions for any of your aerial cinematography or UAS needs. We are based on Long Island, New York, a mere 30 minutes from New York City. We serve Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts locally but are available for travel to your location, aircraft and all. Send us a message, we are more than happy to address your needs!


Full-Service Aerial Cinematography


Hiring Cinematic Aerospace to handle your production or shot means you get a full team of experienced and award-winning flight crew members, every single time. Our experience doesn't just lie with Motion Picture and Television productions either.

The knowledge and expertise we have gained from these productions carries into the razor sharp skill-set needed to professionally fly any aerial job, be it a wedding, real estate shoot, building inspection, or even construction site survey. Every single client, no matter how big or small receives the full attention of our entire flight crew, working to make your needs a reality in the ever-changing landscape of commercial drone operations in the United States and internationally.


Operations & Production Consulting


Our aerial coordinators are full-fledged Cinematic Aerospace pilots. We don't believe in having an aerial coordinator responsible for the safe operation of UAS or manned aircraft on a production if they don't fully understand and have the experience of actually flying UAS. Our aerial coordinators are available locally or for travel to your production to manage the aircraft operations on set.

Aerial coordinators focus solely on the safety of aerial operations on set without having to also focus on flying. The enhanced level of safety achieved with a dedicated aerial coordinator is liked across the board, from your production crew all the way to your insurance company.