Cinematic Aerospace Partners with UAV Coach on Aerial Post-Production "Master Class"

Cinematic Aerospace's Christian Tucci has partnered with the leader in online UAS training and news, UAV Coach to teach a "master class" on aerial post-production techniques and workflows.

By purchasing the course for less than the typical price for one hour of hiring an editor, students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to shoot and manage footage, to organize it, to build a rough cut, to add music and transitions, and to color correct their video to make the footage really pop.

"Editing is an art form just as much as it is a technical capability. As with any art, one truly masters it after many hours and experiences perfecting the craft", says Tucci. "The best editors are always pushing the boundaries of their projects and they do not stop until their cuts are perfect."

The online, self-paced course will teach students:

  • Tips for capturing good content from the beginning
  • How to assemble a rough cut of footage
  • How to add transitions and titles on top of footage
  • How to edit your video to music to enhance the feel of the piece
  • Workflows for sharing and collaborating on your cut with other editors or clients
  • Theory behind editing decision-making and flow

Alan Perlman, founder of UAV Coach and the popular Drone Pilot Ground School online course for Part 107 test prep, says "This course is a great fit for our community of sUAS operators, many of whom are becoming skilled in multirotor proficiency but lack the post-processing mastery to set themselves apart amongst an increasingly saturated market of professional aerial service companies. Working with Christian, a true expert in non-linear editing systems like Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere, was a pleasure. His 1:1 attention to students is special, as are his communication skills and overall expertise in the industry."

As an added bonus, students will receive full access to four case study lectures that dive deep into the process of editing complex projects and the team decisions and workflows that had to take place to get the final cut to where it needed to be. This inside look into major video projects will give students the insight they need to progress their own cuts.

The course is available exclusively on UAV Coach with enrollment occurring in blocks over time to ensure that students receive proper one-on-one support from Christian.

Interested students can sign-up for updates on the course homepage and enroll there once a new enrollment block opens up.