Our Services

Our production team's experience of over 40 years and 19,000 flight hours means we have done quite a few aerial shoots. Every job is unique and requires the utmost attention and care to ensure its success. We have learned something from every shoot and put this knowledge to work on the next shoot. Constantly developing our practices and service offerings prove to you we are serious about your needs and safety. If you don't see something you want to do on this page, just contact us, we'll make it work.

We work locally in Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts but are available to travel anywhere for your production, equipment and all.

Photo by Barrett Veldsman/iStock / Getty Images

Motion Picture and Television

A complete set of services dedicated to the Motion Picture and Television industry perfectly complement the Cinematic Aerospace production team. We offer air-to-air filming, air-to-ground filming, aerial coordination, and location scouting. Our team of experienced and very well-qualified pilots, cinematographers, and coordinators can answer any question your production has.

Our team takes care of all the paperwork and permits necessary for your flight and our stellar 40+ years working relationship with the FAA, TRACON, ATC and other agencies ensure your production flight is a possibility. In-house SAG Pilots are available.


real estate, commercial, and Corporate cinematography

The competitive market of real estate is no match for high-quality aerial images. What used to cost thousands of dollars and hours of time to do can now be completed so simply and elegantly. Adding aerial video or photos to your real estate listing, corporate presentation, or website enhances it in a way that you'll quickly and easily see the benefits.


Specialized flight operations

Cinematic Aerospace offers a large variety of services not mentioned here. We love challenges and solving problems for our clients. The possibilities are endless with drones. Contact us to begin the discussion for your unique flight operation.

From 3D mapping and elevation profiles of construction sites and buildings, to NDVI analysis of crops, all the way to panoramic photos and customized orthographic maps of your property, the limits only exist in your mind.